7 Benefits of a Mobile Charging Stations

By leo@compcharge
In March 2, 2019
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As a business, your customers are vital. Without them, it is impossible to establish a successful business. Think about how you are currently working on solving your customers’ problems and how to run out of battery can be a problem for them in your establishment. By ignoring your customers’ problems, you are making your business easily forgettable. But by offering a solution for charging mobiles, you are helping to solve this problem.

How can businesses benefit from mobile charging stations?

Benefits of mobile charging stations

1. Increase the permanence and engagement of the client.

As simple as this: a phone without a battery can end a customer’s night. If your client has to send an important email, access a website to check your business or is waiting for a call, having low battery or running out of it can make you leave the establishment prematurely or not go directly. However, your store can offer a mobile charging station, allowing your customer to do everything they need without having to leave.

This helps prolong your stay in your local, and focuses your attention on other things that are not the battery your mobile.

2. Increase in sales.

At any time you can increase your clientele, both for the time they spend in your premises and for their loyalty, since you will increase the probability of spending more. If they have to leave the site prematurely to load their phones, you will be losing money. In general, studies have shown that customers who charge their phones spend 29% more than those who do not.

3. Your business will become a reference

Because people who know they can charge their mobile in your establishment, will recommend your site and return to it. Bars, restaurants, cafes or pubs are examples of this. Restaurants that have a place to carry mobile phones while you eat or pubs that offer cargo service offer an added service that will make it possible to continue your leisure time.

4. Positive experience and loyaltyPositive experience and loyalty

Many businesses do not offer a mobile phone charging service because they think they will not get anything by offering it. They do not see the benefit in it, but instead of focusing on how to increase their revenue, they should focus on how your customers would appreciate the service. Offering a load service helps improve the customer experience because you generate a good memory of your site and you can build loyalty.

5. It is an opportunity to make your advertising more visible

Events and locations are looking for ways to increase their profits using charging stations as advertising support. If you are not interested in acquiring charging stations, you can use advertising in them to make yourself more visible.

6. They are called charging solutions for a reason

As mentioned before, charging stations solve a problem for your customers. There are solutions for the anxiety of having a low battery or a cell phone without a battery, and in a world where all people use their mobile phones every day, customers will search for sites that offer a solution to their problem. When they go to a site that does not help them in this aspect, they will look for another site that does.

7. It is a competitive advantage

As you can see, there are many reasons why businesses should purchase a mobile charging station. All these benefits help businesses establish a competitive advantage.

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